Adding a Site Individually
  • 30 Apr 2024
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Adding a Site Individually

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This user guide will detail how to log a site individually within your Joblogic account. For general details on customer, site and asset structure in Joblogic, see here.

Adding a Site Individually

In order to add a site in Joblogic, navigate to the ‘Sites’ area via the left side menu and select ‘Add Site’ (select the dropdown arrow to expand the site options).

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You will then be directed to the ‘Add Site’ page whereby you can fill in the site’s details.

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When adding a new site, some fields will be mandatory. These are determined by the red asterisk against a field name.
In this case, the customer that the site belongs to and the ‘Site Name’ are mandatory fields.

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Select the customer that the site belongs to from the dropdown list. See here for how to log a customer. If the customer does not yet exist in the system they can be created via the ‘quick add’ plus icon.

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There is a ‘Find Address to Populate All Fields’ which is supported by Google maps to help find and auto populate the site’s name and address. For example, typing the post code will provide options for the full address based on that post code. This can also be free typed in if you’d prefer.

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Further details such as tags and area can be assigned by selecting the applicable options from the dropdowns. See here for details on populating the dropdown options in the settings library. The Area field can be useful for searching, reporting and helping colleagues who may not be familiar with geographical areas assign work to the best placed engineers. This site area field is linked to the area filters on the planner and route scheduler tools within Joblogic in addition to engineer areas.

The account manager field will automatically populate based on that set for the site's customer (if previously assigned at customer level). It can also be re-assigned at site level, if applicable, by selecting a different user from the dropdown list (this dropdown list is based on the users set up in your system).

Free type fields can be filled in as needed, these being a main telephone number for your customer’s site and site reference number (this might be an internal reference number or a unique identifier provided by your client, as some examples, and can be used for searching and reporting purposes).

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The ‘Main Contact Person’ area refers to entering the details of the primary contact for the site. For example, it may be that the site manager or the assistant site manager acts as your company's main point of contact for that site. Further contacts for the site can be added once the site has been saved. The ‘First Name’ field will become mandatory if you start to enter a contact for the site.

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Once you are happy with the details that you have entered, select the ‘Save’ option and the site will be added to your Joblogic system with the submitted details.

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If you would like to bulk import your sites, please click here for more information.

Further Support

For further information or assistance with the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing

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