Importing Customers
  • 30 Apr 2024
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Importing Customers

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Customer Import

The Customer Import feature allows you to import customer information such as Customer Name, Address details and Contact details in bulk, using an Excel spreadsheet template.

To do this, click the ‘Customers’ dropdown menu from the left navigation pane, and select ‘All Customers’. You will then be directed to your main Customer page where a full list of all the customers and their details can be viewed.

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Within the ‘All Customers’ page, click the ‘Import’ button in the top right corner of the page, and you will be presented with an Import Customer(s) pop-up window, with options to ‘Download Template’ and ‘Upload Template’.

You also have the option to ‘Auto generate a Site for each Customer’, if the Customer’s address is also considered as a Site where jobs will be conducted.

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Upon downloading the template, open it using MS Excel (suggested) or any other editor to populate customer information. Please start filling in the details from the third row of the template, and ensure that any mandatory fields that are marked as 'Required' are filled in.
Do not amend the column headers or ordering

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When you have populated your customer's information, save the file* to your local drive/machine, and navigate back to the ‘Import Customers’ pop-up window.
*The file will need to be saved as a .csv file in order for the importer to accept it.

Next, click the ‘Upload Template’ button, and choose the relevant file for upload. Now click the ‘Request Import’ button to proceed with the import, and click ‘OK’ on the confirmation pop-up window.

Once the import process is complete, the system automatically notifies you via the ‘Notification Bell’ and the new customer(s) can be viewed in the ‘All Customers’ page.

If you receive a failed validation notification, you will need to download the file, amend and try the import again - find out more here.

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For further information or assistance with the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing

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