Deploying & Assigning Electronic Forms
  • 28 Apr 2023
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Deploying & Assigning Electronic Forms

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Joblogic has an extensive list of industry standard forms available for your engineers to use.
The following guide will provide the steps to deploying these forms, as well as assigning rules to determine when they show.

Deploying Forms

Navigate to Settings > Electronic Forms

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Using the ‘Search Forms by Industry’ and the free type ‘Search’ filters, you can find the relevant forms to you and your business.

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Next, you can Preview the form details by clicking the eye icon, or Deploy it straight to the mobile app by ticking the box.

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Assigning Forms and Rules at Company Level

Setting the form rules here will activate the rules across all jobs on the system.
This can be filtered down per job too, which is discussed further down in this guide.

Navigate to Settings > System Set up

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Next, click the Forms tab
Any forms that you have deployed, will show in this list automatically.

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You can then choose to have the form displayed at a certain stage of the engineer journey, as per the “Show On” dropdown. More than one option can be ticked if required.

You also have the ability to mark the form as “Required” by switching the toggle as needed
This will mean your engineer has to complete the form before moving onto the next stage.

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Assigning Forms and Rules at Job Level

Forms can also be assigned on a job by job basis. This is done in a very similar way to the above system wide set up.

To set this up, firstly navigate to your jobs page
Jobs > All Jobs
Next, either using the search functions at the top of the page, or simply clicking on the relevant job number already visible in the list, navigate to your Job Details page

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Click the Job Forms tab at the top of the page to navigate to the forms list for this particular job.
Here you can set forms to show at certain stages of the engineer journey, or mark them as required, for this job only.

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Further Support

For further information or assistance on the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Managers team can be reached by emailing

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