Visit Status Icons
  • 21 Jun 2024
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Visit Status Icons

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Article summary

Not Sent: A new job has been created and allocated to an engineer, but not yet deployed to the app. 
New: The job has been deployed, but not yet received by the app.
Read: The job has been deployed, and has now been received by the app.
Accepted: The visit has been accepted by the engineer(s). They will begin to travel to the job in due course.
Travelling to a Job: The assigned engineer(s) is currently travelling to the job.
On Site: The assigned engineer(s) is now on-site and working on the job.
Job Completed: All visits and related tasks have been marked as completed by the engineer(s).
Aborted: The engineer(s) aborted their visit, with a reason.
Left Site: The engineer(s) has marked the job as Left Site, meaning they have not yet completed the job but are no longer at the address
Cancelled: The visit has been cancelled by the back office.
Rejected: The visit has been rejected by the engineer(s) for a specific reason.

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