Web Release: Week Commencing 2nd October 2023
  • 02 Oct 2023
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Web Release: Week Commencing 2nd October 2023

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Article Summary

Features scheduled for release on 04/10/23 (US based accounts) and 06/10/23 (UK accounts). The functionality detailed will not be available in the system until these dates. However, please note that these are an ETA and may be subject to change.

Release Topics

  1. Partnership with CFTS
  2. Service jobs – Further updates
  3. Improved Form Deployment and Un-Deployment
  4. Bulk Job Status Updates
  5. Improved Signature Control

Release Details

1. Partnership with CFTS

  • Are you a member of CFTS (Consolidated Fork Truck Services)? Need to certify the thorough examination of your industrial lift trucks? Need training or accreditation on this? Well don’t worry
  • We have entered a partnership with CFTS to provide their members with digital versions of their thorough examination certificates
  • Previously CFTS members purchased a paper pad of examination forms and while these have proven useful over the years, the benefits of going digital are never ending
  • Increased accessibility and searchability, improved storage, security and back up recovery, version control, cost saving and a reduced environmental impact just to name a few
  • To make things even better, CFTS offer a discount if you move over from paper to the digital versions of their certificates!
  • Make your CFTS documents digital via Joblogic now
  • This is the first phase of many on this feature so keep an eye out for our future releases
  • In the meantime, check out our user guide on this for it’s current functionality

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2. Service jobs – Further updates

  • Our new Service Jobs module has already proven to be a great tool amongst our customers, and it just keeps on getting better and better
  • We have made further updates to this feature with functions including a suspend services function, a new “Escalated Service Jobs” search filter and enhanced functions when it comes editing services and assets
  • See here for full details on how to use service jobs and the new functions

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3. Improved Form Deployment and Un-Deployment

  • Electronic form deployment is already a pretty seamless task thanks to Joblogic but it’s just got even easier
  • We have introduced a number of extra toast messages (a pop-up message that pops up like a piece of toast) at different stages of the process to help confirm each action and make it clearer
  • That’s just the small bit though, the real juicy features in this release is our new ‘Batch Assign and Unassign Forms from Jobs’ function and our new ‘Auto Redeploy Affected Visits’ feature
  • Previously when you deployed or undeployed mobile forms in Joblogic, if jobs had already been sent to your engineer’s mobiles, you'd have to manually open every job and assign/unassign the form and redeploy the engineer visits
  • Now we’ve added a new option where form deploys and un-deploys can be set to affect any outstanding jobs on the engineer’s mobiles if you choose for them to
  • There’s new toast messages for these types of actions too, making form deployment and confirmation as simple as it can be and giving you more time to focus on the more important things like sorting your toast and juice in the mornings
  • For now, this is just to set the foundation in the back office so keep an eye out in our next mobile release where this setting will be applied to your engineer’s mobiles

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4. Bulk Job Status Updates

  • This feature is one of those ones where a small change can have a great impact
  • Joblogic users now have the ability to bulk update the status of multiple jobs in one smooth move
  • Say goodbye to having to manually do them one at a time or having to call up our team to do it for you in the background
  • A simple function, a massive time saver!

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5. Improved Signature Control

  • We have added some new tick box settings under Settings > System Setup which will give you more control over signature requirements
  • Previously our technical team could turn a background setting on or off for your Joblogic account to make signatures mandatory or not
  • However, this setting wasn’t too flexible as it either made all signatures mandatory or none at all
  • Well now we have given the control over to you
  • A new ‘Make Signatures Mandatory’ setting can be found with tick box options of ‘On Complete’ and ‘On Leave Site’
  • These new settings will allow you to choose what signatures are right for you and whether signatures are required to be taken at the end of a visit, to start a lunch break or to leave site to go and grab your tools and come back again
  • Similarly to the improved deployment and un-deployment feature, for now, this is just to set the foundation in the back office so keep an eye out in our next mobile release where this setting will be applied to your engineer’s mobiles

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  • We figured that the above is more than enough for this week’s release but we have also made a tiny improvement to our Sub Hub. Whenever a subcontractor accepts, rejects or completes a job, the system will now send an automated email notification to the main contractor’s job owner.

Bug Fixes

  • While we don’t like or want system bugs, they can sometimes occur. There are just a couple but we’ve detailed those that have been fixed in this release below.
  • For our Refcom users - an issue where the ‘Total Charge’ and ‘CO2- Equivalent’ fields were not displaying correctly when printing an audit has been fixed
  • Additionally, an issue which was affecting reactivated customer portal users from logging in has been sorted.
  • All asset classes should now show correctly when adding Equipment against a PO
  • We have resolved an issue where the planner wasn’t loading correctly after selecting all engineers and moving to the following month
  • Required Approval should now show in the Audit of a job

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