JLD02: Asset Overview
  • 20 Jun 2023
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JLD02: Asset Overview

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Article summary

Asset Summary Tab:

Overall tab Filter - All time data
Filters available:
    ○ Customer
    ○ Site
    ○ Asset Class
Number of assets - Total count of active assets in the system.
Assets installed this year - Count of assets which were installed this year.
Asset out of warranty - Count of assets where the Asset Warranty date has passed.
Invoice to maintain assets - Total job sell value per asset(s).
Cost to maintain asset - Total job cost value per asset(s).
Profit on Maintaining assets - Total job profit value per asset(s).
Number of assets per customer - Cluster graphical representation of total count of assets per
Condition of Asset - Count of assets per condition.
Asset Summary Table - Provides the generic per asset information.

Jobs Per Assets Tab:

Overall tab Filter - Data from the previous year start and till future based on Job Logged date.
Filters available:
    ○ Site
    ○ Asset Description
● Most popular asset - Cluster graphical representation of top 10 most used assets by default but users can view other assets by manipulating the provided filters.
● Asset details table - Provides the ability to navigate to the job by clicking on the job number under JobID column and ability to filter by Sites, Description and Asset No.

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