Reports Spec
  • 14 Feb 2024
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Reports Spec

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Sr.NoIDReport TitleCategory
11045All CustomersCustomer
21046All SitesSite
31047All JobsJob
41048All QuotesQuote
51049All InvoicesInvoice
61050Quotes Won_LostQuote
71052Asset RegisterAsset
81054All PartsPart
111084Outstanding Jobs by EngineerJob, Visit, Engineer
121199Job Report With EngineersJob, Engineer
131226Timesheet Extract costTimesheet, Engineer
141227Timesheet ActualTimesheet, Engineer
151228KPI ReportJob, Visit, Engineer
161249Job Report with VisitsJob, Visit, Engineer
171268Engineer Hours (Previous Week)Timesheet, Engineer
181276All in Reqs. InvoiceJob
191313All in JobJob
201412Quickbooks - Sales Invoice DetailedQuickbooks, Sales
211514Sage Sales ExportSage, Sales
221522Rejected/Aborted ReasonsVisit
231598Engineer Leave Site ReasonsVisit
241697WIP ReportJob, Cost
251773Xero ExportXero, Sales
261800Vehicle ChecklistVehicle
271879Sage Adept - Line ItemSage Adept, Sales
281918Kashflow ExportSales
291962Xero Export Canada Xero, Sales
301980Expense ReportCost
312076No activity last 6 months Site, Job
322153Parts Used/RequiredPart/Equipment
332259Plans due to expire in next 6 monthsPPM
342260Invoices due to expire in next 6 monthsInvoice
352296Engineer visits Past 14 days + Future VisitsVisit, Engineer
362330Invoice Line ItemsJob, Invoice
372337Total CostSite, Cost
382338Job Status per SiteJob, Site
392356Job Report Inc NotesJob
402357Daily Run SheetJob, Visit, Engineer
412358Parts RequiredPart, Engineer
422361Sage One Sales Invoice Export - No VATSage, Sales
432373Asset Catalogue not matching Asset descriptionAsset
442374Asset not linked to asset catalogue Asset
452376Engineer Time Input Vs Actual TimeTimesheet, Engineer
462380Current Month Profit ReportJob, Cost
472381Daily Job Profit Report - TodayJob, Cost
482392REFCOM - Gas Cylinder ReportGas Cylinder Transaction
492393REFCOM - Gas Cylinder Transaction ReportGas Cylinder Transaction
502398Total Site CO2 TonnageAsset, Refrigerant
512412Weekly Mileage reportEngineer, Mileage
522413Sage One Sales Export - VAT InclusiveSage, Sales
532416Sage Purchase invoice ExportSage, Purchase
542427Daily Mileage ReportEngineer, Mileage
552436Xero Purchase invoice exportXero, Purchase
562450Quickbooks Purchase ExportQuicbooks, Purchase
572455Total Mileage - Previous monthEngineer, Mileage
582456Engineer Hours previous monthTimesheet
592479KPI Vs Arrival TimeJob, Visit, Engineer
602483Mileage report by job & engineerEngineer, Mileage
612500Supplier ListSupplier
622524Purchase order list - All TimePurchase Order, Job
632525Purchase order list - previous monthPurchase Order, Job
642526Sage 200 Sales invoice exportSage 200, Sales
652554Previous 2 weeks profit reportJob, Cost
662558Parts used previous weekJob, Part
672559Parts used all TimeJob, Part
682561Asset list including systemsAsset
692603ALL PPM InvoicesPPM, Invoice
702632Purchase Orders Current MonthPurchase Order, Job
712633Job Status AuditJob
722634Payment Received vs Invoice AmountCustomer, Invoice
732646User PermissionsUser
742652Asset History ReportJob, Asset
752657Timesheet Previous Week (Include Travel Home)Timesheet, Engineer
762663Engineer Job Cost Report Previous weekCost, Engineer
772667All Time Expenses ReportCost, Engineer
782681Previous Month Profit ReportJob, Cost
792687Outstanding Jobs logged today or beforeJob
802688Outstanding Jobs Past appointment DateJob
812693Outstanding Jobs with costsJob, Cost
822697Previous Week Timesheet (From first travel to last on site, completion or travel home each day)Timesheet, Engineer
832727All Purchase Invoices with StatusesInvoice
842741Site Asset Register Active onlyAsset
852742PPM Visits with AssetsPPM, Asset
862743Plans due to expire in next monthPPM
872763Sage 50 Sales ExportSage 50, Sales
882764Non Productive Time ReportNon Productive Time, Engineer
892779Asset Register with Refrigerant detailsAsset, Refrigerant
902793Completed Visits per day by engineerVisit
912795KPI VS priorityJob
922804Sales Invoice Payment StatusInvoice
932829Adept Sage Purchase ExportAdept Sage, Purchase
942840Planned Engineer VisitsVisit
952841All Purchase Invoices with supplier namePurchase, Invoice
962842PPM Visits including EngineersPPM, Engineer
972848Job Based MAT ReportJob, Cost, Invoice
982850Customer - Default Document TemplatesDocument Template
992851Site - Default Document TemplatesDocument Template
1002857Gas Cylinder Leak check reportGas Cylinder Transaction
1012858Gas Cylinder Addition reportGas Cylinder Transaction
1022859Gas Cylinder removal reportGas Cylinder Transaction
1032860Gas Cylinder correction reportGas Cylinder Transaction
1042867Engineer Hours with Non Productive Time (Previous Month)Non Productive Time
1052869Timesheet Actual Previous WeekTimesheet, Job, Engineer
1062888First time fix percentagesJob
1072895Aborted Visits reportVisit
1082926Sage 50 Purchase ExportSage 50, Purchase
1092958All EquipmentEquipment, Refrigerant
1102989Engineer visits Past 21 days + Future VisitsVisit
1113001All Contacts (Customer and site contacts)Contact
1123005Timesheet Actual Previous DayTimesheet, Engineer
1133023Purchase order Line item listPurchase Order, Job
1143031PPM Contract valuesPPM, Cost
1153051Unpaid invoicesInvoice
1163056Supplier & Subcontractor InvoicesInvoice
1173059Timesheet Previous week including overtimeTimesheet, Job, Engineer
1183078WIP Report - DetailedJob, Cost
1193080Monthly Mileage reportEngineer, Mileage
1203096All Tags reportTags
1213180Parts used previous monthPart/Equipment, Engineer
1223181Parts used current monthPart/Equipment, Engineer
1233252PPM Visits Due Next 30 DaysPPM, Visit
1243429WIP Cost Line item ReportJob, Cost
1253439Suspended/Failed assetsAsset
1263454Plans due to expire in next 3 monthsPPM
1273508Job Status per CustomerCustomer, Job
1283693COVID-19 Engineer Daily FormCovid, Engineer
1293694COVID-19 Engineer Daily FormCovid, Engineer
1303706User auditUser
1313725Nominal CodesNominal Codes
1323820Upgraded Quote TrackerQuote, Job
1334063Non Productive Time breakdownNon Productive Time, Engineer
1344139Contract PerformancePPM, Cost, Invoice
1354147Staff List - Active Users with LicenseUser
1364191Contract Performance Excluding DraftsPPM, Cost, Invoice
1375705All AssetsAsset
1385760All Jobs Report (Standard)Job, Cost, Invoice, Engineer
1395765Refcom Asset Audit ReportAsset, Refcom
1405766Engineer Timesheet Including Overtime (Standard)Timesheet, Job, Engineer
1415805All Vehicles InfoStock, Vehicle
1425852Engineers Timesheet last 30Days NonProdTime (Standard)Timesheet, Engineer
1435874Service Type ReportService Type, Asset
1445875Tasks ReportTask
1455917All Stock ReportStock, Part, Equipment, Engineer
1465931SOR ItemsSchedule of Rates
1475941Engineer Timesheet Previous 30 Days Including Overtime (Standard)Timesheet, Engineer
1485952My To-Do ListTo-Do
1495988Completed JobsJob
1506006All SubcontractorsSubcontractor, Documents
1516023Company Documents ReportDocuments
1526100All PPM QuotesPPM
1536324Live Stock InventoryStock
1546506Batch InvoicesInvoice
1556507Batch Invoices Per LineInvoice
1566540New Pegasus Sales Transaction ExportPegasus, Sales
1576541Pegasus Opera Sales Analysis ExportPegasus, Sales
1586542Pegasus Opera Sample Purchase AnalysisPegasus, Purchase
1596543Pegasus Opera Sample Purchase TransactionPegasus, Purchase
1606657KPI VS priority with business hoursJob, Engineer, Timesheet
1616872Job KPIs with Remaining TimeJob, KPIs
1626944Users Audit Report - Last 12 MonthsUser
1636960JLWeb - Stock Take ReportStock
1646961All Customer & Site Contacts with Event NotificationsContact
1657012Sage 200 Purchase Invoice ExportSage 200
1667014User Roles and PermissionsUser
1677102Recurring Non Productive Time SettingNon Productive Time, Engineer
1687171Stock Adjustment ReportStock
1697172Stock Reorder ReportStock
1707173Stock Valuation ReportStock
1717378Cancelled Visits ReportVisit
1727408Pay BandsPay Band
1737410Pay Band TimesPay Band
1747520Service Jobs LibraryService Jobs
1757521Customer Service Job LibraryService Jobs, Customer
1767489Contract Purchase OrdersPurchase Order, PPM
1777490All Contract Purchase InvoicesPurchase, PPM
1787491Service Job LettersService Jobs, Job
1797543Sites Service Job ListService Jobs, Site
1807421Moved Visits ReportVisit
1817790Subcontractor Job AllocationSubcontractor, Job
1827179Forms LogbookMobileForms
1831051Quotes LostQuote
1841640All in CompletedJob
1857095Fault Code LibraryJob
1867562Sage One Purchase Invoice ExportSage One, Purchase
1877843CFTS Certificates ReportCFTS, Mobile Forms
1888065Non Job ExpenseNon Job Expense, Engineer
1898066Invoice Line Item VariancePurchase, GRN
1908119PPM Parts RequiredService Kits, PPM
1918120PPM Parts Required - PPM ContractService Kits, PPM
1928122All Service KitsService Kits
1938124All Job TasksJob, Task
1948125External Links and DashboardsExternal Links and Dashboards
1958145All Goods Received NotesGRN, Purchase Order, Purchase

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