Mobile Form Requests
  • 21 May 2024
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Mobile Form Requests

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Joblogic allows engineers to fill out and complete electronic forms from the mobile app which once completed can be viewed and shared with your customer from the back office.

There is an extensive list of industry standard forms available for your engineers to use, however there are options for you to create your own forms, whether that’s yourself, via a training session or requesting forms from Joblogic’s development team.

This guide will walk you through the various options.

Form Overview

Job Forms:

Job forms are forms which can be filled in while the engineer is on site during a visit, or while the engineer is servicing an asset. The Job forms therefore are further categorized into visit and asset forms.

General Forms:

General forms are generic forms completed via the mobile application that are neither based on the visit or an asset, such as, a vehicle checklist or a Covid-19 Engineer Daily Form.

These forms can be set at different presentation frequencies, controlling the rate at which the form automatically appears on the engineer's mobile device for them to complete.

To view more on setting these frequencies, click here.

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Creating your own forms

You may have a unique form requirement, for which there are various options to create your own form within Joblogic.
You can utilize the custom form builder to craft your own forms, utilizing our comprehensive guide for assistance.
Additionally, Joblogic offers training sessions on form creation.

Alternatively, you can simply request a custom form to be tailored to your specific needs. Let’s have a detailed look at how all the avenues could be explored.

Creating a custom form:

To create your own form, navigate to the Settings section: Settings > Electronic Forms and then click the ‘Add Custom Form’ action button in the top right.


Here, you can enter your Form Name, and choose whether it is to be a Job Form (Asset/Visit specific forms) or a General Form (Non-Asset/Visit based, i.e. Vehicle / tool checklists)


To read more on creating your own custom forms, click here.

Training on creating custom forms:

If you would like additional training on this functionality, please contact us on 0800 326 5561 or email or to discuss the available options and pricing.

There are multiple training options which can be explored. Click here to view the details on our website or read on below.
Our training courses have proven most effective, following a consultation with one of our trainers.

Build-As-You-Train Mobile Forms Builder Day

  • Create your own mobile forms
  • Build your first mobile form with the support of your dedicated trainer
  • Avoid wait times and additional costs from our development team
  • Remote sessions conducted via an interactive zoom session
  • Zoom sessions recorded for later reference
  • If on-site sessions are required, please contact us directly for a quote

Requesting Joblogic to create the forms:

If the current forms do not meet your requirements, and you don’t have time to create your own, feel free to get in touch with your CSM who will start the process of getting your bespoke forms set up for electronic use.

Please note that any bespoke forms will incur a charge for development time required.

Further Support

For further information or assistance with the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing

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This document was written and produced by Joblogic’s Technical Writing team and was last updated on the date specified above. Be aware that the information provided may be subject to change following further updates on the matter becoming available or new releases within the system. Additionally, details within the guide may vary depending on your Joblogic account’s user permissions and settings or the electronic device being used.

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