Mobile Release : 2nd August 2022
  • 02 Aug 2022
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Mobile Release : 2nd August 2022

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Release Topics

1. Generate a QR code from within the application (iOS & Android)

2. Holding position in the Visit list (Android only)

3. Parts Arena feature fully integrated with Joblogic Web.(Android only)

These Release Notes relate to iOS Version 1.0.99 and Android Version 1.0.127 of our Mobile Application.

Release Details:

1. Generate a QR code from within the application (iOS & Android)

Previously in the Joblogic Mobile Application the user had the ability to scan a QR Code to search for an Asset but the Mobile User could not generate a new QR code from within the Application.
We have now added a feature which enables the Mobile User to generate a QR code from within the Application, and if necessary download this QR Code to facilitate printing.

image (35).png

image (36).png

2. Holding position in the Visit list (Android only)

We have added an enhancement to save time and make the Application more efficient and user-friendly for the Mobile Engineer. When the Mobile user selects any job card from the “All Visits”, “Today”, or “Working” tab, views the Visit and then clicks on the “Back” button, the Application now returns the user to the last selected Job card instead of returning the user to the top of the Visit list.

3. Parts Arena feature fully integrated with Joblogic Web.(Android only)

The Parts Arena feature has now been fully introduced and integrated with Joblogic Web.

This will help Mobile Engineers to improve their first time fix rates by giving the Engineer the ability to identify and allocate the correct parts first time. Also, by integrating the Parts Arena functionality, the Engineer does not have to use multiple apps to achieve the above.

The Parts Arena function is launched from a button on the Main Menu.


The user then has browse options. They may search for an item, view recently used items, favourites, or select a Manufacturer.


If a Manufacturer is selected the user is presented with a list of categories.


Once the user selects an item, for example a boiler, the details of that item are displayed and an exploded diagram detailing the parts is available.


The user may then identify a part and view the part details.


If the user wishes to add this part to the parts section of the Joblogic Mobile Application they click on the "Send to Third Party" option.


The user enters a Quantity and clicks on the Send button. This adds the part to the Current Parts List with the Mobile Application.


Improvements, Modifications and Bug Fixes.

Improvements iOS & Android

1. Create a custom text expense (iOS & Android)

Previously in the Mobile Application the user was not able to create a custom Expense by entering free text and completing Quantity, Cost etc. This functionality has now been added.

Bug Fixes iOS & Android

Android Bug Fixes -

  • An issue causing Forms to not populate Equipment class / Asset Class information has been rectified.
  • An error causing the Search by QR Code button to be hidden has been rectified.

iOS Bug Fixes -

  • An issue causing the Asset Refrigerant Charge label to be incorrect in the add correction screen has been resolved.
  • An error causing the previous page button to not be shown in the leave site detail screen has been rectified.

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