Mobile Release Scheduled: 25th May 2021
  • 18 May 2021
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Mobile Release Scheduled: 25th May 2021

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Article summary

1. Visit List Menu Improvements

  • A series of updates have been made to the visit list menu in order to make this area and its functions more clear and fluent
  • New tabs of “All Visits”, “Today” and “Working” have been introduced in order to allow mobile users to more efficiently view, categorise and prioritise their visits to jobs
  • Further tabs such as “Visits”, “Routes”, “Scan” and “Menu” have also been added giving users greater accessibility to these areas and functions within the app
  • Visits can now also be filtered by status allowing for increased searching efficiency

2. Improved Signature Box Functionality

  • When taking signatures via the mobile app, turning the device to one side will adjust and expand the signature box increasing the amount of room available for users and customers to write their signature

3. Travel Home – Visit Status History

  • Travel Home entries are now accommodated for within the Visit Status History area
  • This accounts for both travel home time and mileage, providing mobile users with a more accommodating view concerning the information feeding back to the Timesheets module in the back office

4. Refcom Module– Cylinder Searching

  • Mobile users can now search for cylinders within the Refcom module via ‘Serial no., ‘Supplier’, ‘Engineer name’, ‘Refrigerant type’ and ‘Cylinder type’

General Improvements, Modifications and Bug Fixes

Improvements and Modifications

  • Mobile users can now edit visit and site notes after a visit has been completed

Bug Fixes

  • An issue related to engineers not receiving cancelled visit notifications has been fixed

iOS Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Improvements & Modifications

  • Visit and site notes/attachments are now ordered by date created

Bug Fixes

  • An issue whereby users were not able to view/select all photos available in the device gallery in order to add as an attachment has been fixed
  • An issue whereby users were not able to open completed forms within the forms logbook has been resolved

Android Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Improvements & Modifications


Bug Fixes

  • An issue where the ‘Appointment Date’ field could sometimes prove difficult to select has been rectified
  • An issue whereby the previous page button was navigating incorrectly after viewing forms has been fixed

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