Mobile Release: Week commencing 11th September 2023
  • 11 Sep 2023
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Mobile Release: Week commencing 11th September 2023

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Article Summary

*Features scheduled for release on 12/09/23 via a staged roll out. This means that changes may not take effect on the mobile application straight away but the latest version including the new changes can be manually downloaded from the App/Play store (1.145.0 on both IOS and Android), if required. The functionality detailed will not be available in any version of the mobile application until this date. However, please note that this an ETA and may be subject to change. *

Release Topics

  1. New user interface for visit notes, site notes and visit attachments

  2. Service Jobs – No Access Forms

  3. Create Supplier Purchase Orders

  4. Improved Asset QR Code Scanning

  5. Refcom – Add Correction Reasons

Release Details:

This release brings some new changes which make things that were already pretty simple thanks to Joblogic even easier.

1. New user interface for visit notes, site notes and visit attachments

  • We have made a change to the user interface (UI) for visit notes, site notes and visit attachments. Not much of the functionality has changed. We have just made it look more up to date, easier to use while on the go and have made some parts a bit clearer

  • Visit and site notes description boxes can now be expanded in instances when a large amount of information is to be entered

  • When adding a new attachment file, the system will now present a preview of the image allowing you to confirm that the image is correct before saving

  • Delete options and confirmation of the deletion have also been made clearer when deleting any of these items

  • This should all help to make notes and attachments that little bit easier

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Image 2.png

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Image 4.PNG

2. Service Jobs – No Access Forms

  • Last week we introduced a further update to our superb Service Jobs feature. Details here

  • The new back-office setting allowed for the module too handle situations where access to the applicable job was not possible

  • Well now we’ve applied changes for this in the mobile app

  • When ‘no access’ to the service job is selected, the mobile user can now fill out a ‘no access’ form as long as the setting is switched on

  • This will allow mobile users to create a record of the inaccessible attempt, detail why the job was inaccessible and communicate this directly through the system to the office

  • It’s Service jobs but that little bit easier

Image 10.png

Image 11.png

3. Create Supplier Purchase Orders

  • In our last JL web release we mentioned how further updates to the purchase order area on both the mobile app and our advanced mobile feature are being worked on

  • See here for previous information and release details on this

  • Well, as promised, the next phase is now in place

  • Mobile users are now able to create supplier P.O’s while on the road

  • Getting the right parts for the job just got even easier

Image 5.png

4. Improved Asset QR Code Scanning

  • QR Code scanning has also improved in order to make life a little easier when it comes to assets

  • Extra information and clearer error messages have been added to our QR code scanning functions

  • The ‘customer name’ ‘site name’ and ‘reference number’ will now be presented after scanning the code

  • Additional error messages have also been added if the user scans a code not related to the site or job

  • Need help identifying the asset? It’s got a QR Code? Easy!

Image 8.png

Image 9.PNG

5. Refcom – Add Correction Reasons

  • If you are one of our Refcom module customers, we have made life a little easier for you too

  • Although only a little thing, one of the peeves that we had reported about the Refcom module was about the fact that correction reasons had to be preset within the back-office and selected from a dropdown list

  • Well, we have run this one past Refcom and they have given us the ‘OK’ to allow correction reasons to be added via the app while in the field

  • Mobile app users can now add their own new correction reasons if one not already recorded comes up

  • This will update the back-office library’s list though so be sure to be neat when adding them 😉

Image 6.png

Image 7.png

Improvements & Bug Fixes

We have decided that the above should be enough for this week and so we don’t have any extra improvements in this release. There also weren't any pesky bugs to take care of.

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