Mobile Release: Week Commencing 1st July 2024
  • 27 Jun 2024
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Mobile Release: Week Commencing 1st July 2024

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*Features scheduled for release from 01/07/2024 via a staged roll out. This means that changes may not take effect on the mobile application (app) straight away but the latest version including the new changes can be manually downloaded from the App/Play store (Version 1.157.0 on both IOS and Android), if required. The functionality detailed will not be available in any version of the app until this date. However, please note that this an ETA and may be subject to change. *

Release Topics

  1. Updated Team Timesheet Area
  2. Multi-Tenant Options

Release Details:

1. Updated Team Timesheet Area

  • This release is all about the team timesheets area so if you use engineer teams and are a team leader then this is the one for you

  • We’ve improved the technology behind this function making things much smoother and quicker

  • The area now loads much faster than it previously did and navigation around the page is much more seamless

  • We’ve also added some handy sync check boxes

  • There’s a ‘Sync to team's member’ checkbox when editing the team lead timesheet allowing team leaders to quickly and easily update the whole team's timesheets at once

  • There’s also a new ‘Sync job costs' checkbox allowing for job costs to be passed straight to the back-office before the visit has been completed for each team member

  • Take a look here for more information on timesheets and here for engineer teams on the app

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2. Multi-Tenant Options

  • This is one for those of you who need access to multiple Joblogic datasets while out on the road

  • You can now use the same email address to log into more than one Joblogic account if you choose to

  • You may have noticed this super exciting update in our JL Web Release last week

  • We added this to the back-office and customer portal and this release brings it to the mobile too

  • Switching between accounts is really easy

  • Every time you login, you’ll be presented with a ‘Select Workspace’ screen to choose from the datasets that you have access to

  • You can also switch accounts within the app though under the new ‘Switch Workspace’ area

  • Please note, the ability to do this within your Joblogic account is chargeable . If you wish to have the multi-tenant function activated, please contact your Customer Success Manager (0800 326 5561,

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While our new Team Timesheet Area makes for a lot this month, there is always room for improvement.

  • We’ve been busy making some improvements to the app with regards to assets;

  • The app will now load much quicker even when a large number of assets are against a visit

  • We’ve made some improvements with regards to asset data population too

  • A previous limit of 2500 data rows meant that not all data could be populated when creating a new asset if this limit was reached

  • We’ve improved the way things work in the background eradicating this previous limitation meaning that assets can now be detailed as much as needed within the app

  • In addition to asset improvements, we’ve enhanced the user experience when it comes to visit notes and attachments. New "Show More" and "Show Less" buttons have been added for better readability and making the section easier on the eye in general especially on some of the little mobile screens we have now days

Bug Fixes

While we don’t like or want system bugs, they can sometimes occur. There are just a few and the fixes are detailed below.

  • An issue with required fields related to signature pads on custom forms has been corrected

  • A problem where assets were not saving correctly on iOS has been resolved

  • Finally, another iOS fix has been implemented regarding Chiller Forms. Thes now open correctly when a single item is present in the asset description

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience cause by these bugs and thank you for your understanding and patience whilst they were being fixed.

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