Mobile Release: Week commencing 26th February 2024
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Mobile Release: Week commencing 26th February 2024

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Article summary

Features scheduled for release from 26/02/24 via a staged roll out. This means that changes may not take effect on the mobile application (app) straight away but the latest version including the new changes can be manually downloaded from the App/Play store (Version 1.152.0 on both IOS and Android), if required. The functionality detailed will not be available in any version of the mobile application until this date. However, please note that this an ETA and may be subject to change.

Release Topics

  1. Phrasebook updates

Release Details

1. Phrasebook updates

  • To coincide with the recent web releases, some of the phrasebook lists are now available on the mobile app too! 🎉
  • You can now utilise Phrasebooks for Visit Notes and Site Notes with more coming soon, so keep an eye on upcoming release notes to see what’s next.
  • Mobile users can also create new phrasebook entries by clicking the Create button.
  • This is permission based so you can choose who has access to the Create option (Settings > Staff > name > Mobile tab > Phrasebook Notes – Add)
  • Click here to read more about Phrasebooks.





  • An exciting improvement for the mobile app this week! We have updated all notes sections across the app so you can now click on any links to seamlessly navigate to external web pages.
  • This feature will streamline your job, providing quick access to relevant information without the need to manually copy and paste links. Amazing news! 👏

That’s all for this week but remember to check back again soon to keep up to date with all the latest releases and features! 🤩

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