Mobile Release: Week Commencing 29th January 2024
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Mobile Release: Week Commencing 29th January 2024

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Article Summary

Features scheduled for release from 29/01/24 via a staged roll out. This means that changes may not take effect on the mobile application (app) straight away but the latest version including the new changes can be manually downloaded from the App/Play store (Version 1.151.0 on both IOS and Android), if required. The functionality detailed will not be available in any version of the mobile application until this date. However, please note that this an ETA and may be subject to change.


This release is mostly all about our Refcom users with some exciting new changes concerning our new Refcom and Stock Integration alongside some UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) changes to the module. There is a nice little improvement which will benefit any of our customers who use assets though so check out the improvements section for details on this.

Release Topics

  1. Refcom and Stock Integration
  2. New Refcom UX and UI

Release Details:

1. Refcom and Stock Integration

  • Last week we were happy to share our new gas types library and Refcom & stock integration within the back office. See here for previous details

  • Well now we have made the changes for this in the app too

  • A new ‘Collect Cylinders’ button has been added, replacing the previous ‘Storeroom & Site Cylinders’ button

  • The collect cylinders area still concerns storeroom and site cylinders but now contains an additional ‘Stock Locations’ section which will display if the engineer is associated to any mobile stock locations

  • This new stock locations area will show a list of all virgin cylinders purchased against the applicable mobile stock locations allowing for any associated engineers to select and collect these cylinders from stock

  • Engineers will then be able to perform addition transactions against the collected stock cylinders

  • The cylinders can also be returned to either the original stock location, a different one or the supplier giving your F-gas engineers full recording control over the cylinders that they take and return

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2. New Refcom UX and UI

  • We have updated the UX and UI of the Refcom module in keeping with the rest of the app and the system in general

  • The functionality has not changed but it makes the module’s screens a lot easier on the eye and much easier to use

  • There is one slight extra function though which will allow the user to filter the ‘My Cylinders’ and ‘Collect Cylinders’ areas based on cylinder and/or refrigerant type

  • An improved look, an improved interaction with our users and an integration with stock. Refcom just keeps getting better and better

Image 7.PNG

Image 8.PNG

Image 9.png

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Image 11.png

Image 10.png


  • A new ‘Asset Condition’ field has been added to the ‘Create New Asset’ page allowing mobile users to populate this information when logging the asset

Image 6.png

Bug Fixes

  • We like to be efficient here at Joblogic and get ahead of bugs before they even become bugs so there weren't any to take care of in this release.

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