Pay Bands & Trade Rates
  • 21 May 2021
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Pay Bands & Trade Rates

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1. Pay Bands

Allowing you to store different cost rates for different times. These can be applied in the working hours section of the Company and Engineer pages. To access the Pay Bands screen, either click here or navigate in the side menu to “Settings”, “Library” and “Pay Bands”.


Automatically the “Basic” Pay Band shall be set-up within the system. To Edit this simply select the orange pencil, alternatively add a new Pay Band by selecting “Add Pay Band”.

1.1 Editing the cost rates within Pay Bands:

1.2 Creating a new Pay Band:

Once these Pay Bands have been set-up they can be applied to the relevant business hours.

This screen can be accessed from “Settings”, “System Setup” and selecting the “Financial Tab”. Alternatively, click here. Drag and select the times where you would like to update the Pay Band. By default the basic rate is applied across all hours.

When this has been done, you will be prompted with a pop-up asking for information on the relevant Pay Band for this time. From here you can either select a pre-created Pay Band or create one on the spot, selecting the green plus icon.

When this has been done, you shall see the Pay Bands represented in the time grid via the colour chosen.

As well as the company as a whole, you can overwrite these settings to have user specific Pay Bands. To do this simply navigate to “Settings”, “Staff” and select the User which you would like to update. From here select “Engineer Detail” and complete the same process as described above to edit the time grid. To access the Staff page click here.

2. Trade Rates

Selling Rates within the Library have been modified to allow you to configure different rates per Pay Band & Trade. These values will be used when Mobile costs are accepted into Job costs.

As a prerequisite to updating trade rates, you must add “Engineer Trades”. To access the Engineer Trades screen, either click here or navigate in the side menu to “Settings”, “Library” and “Engineer Trades”. From this page, simply add a trade.

To update your Selling Rate to your Trades and Pay Bands, navigate to the Selling Rate Screen. To access the Selling Rates screen, either click here or navigate in the side menu to “Settings”, “Library” and “Selling Rates”. From this page, select on the Selling Rate you would like to update. It is also possible to add new Selling Rates from this screen.

The Selling Rate I would like to update:

To edit these selling rates, select the orange edit button and click on the desired rate to update. To update the selling rate based upon Pay Band, Trade and Priority (ie. 24-hour Response) select “Add Selling Rate Priority” and update accordingly.

The icon below shall indicate that there are multiple Selling Rates against the priorities.

When on a Job, these costs will be automatically attributed depending on the time the job will take place and trade selected. When on the Job Detail screen this is updated by selecting “Trade”.

This will then be shown on the Job Costs screen with all relevant costs following Trade, Priority and Pay Band related to this job.

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