Planner Guide - Select All Options
  • 02 Jul 2021
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Planner Guide - Select All Options

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In the Joblogic Planner, when applying filters to the engineers list (Branches, Trades and Classes) there is a “Select All” option which allows users to check all the filters within that section at once. While this is a useful feature, the ability to select all filters creates the potential for an unfeasible amount of engineers to become available to select. This guide is therefore intended to explore and provide methods to which back office users can use the features of Joblogic in order to select and view as many engineer’s schedules at one time as possible.

Engineer Selection

The maximum amount of engineers which can be selected on a single web browser tab per Planner view is detailed below:
• Day View = 10 engineers
• Week View = 10 engineers
• Month View = 10 engineers
• Agenda View = 10 engineers
• Timeline view (day, week, month, year) = 10 engineers

Methods for addressing Engineer Maximum Capacities

Method 1: Selectively choose engineers

If the maximum number of engineers to select has been reached, the other checkboxes for selecting further engineers will become disabled. However, the currently checked engineers can be unchecked by selecting the tick box next to the individual engineer. This will then allow a new engineer to be selected in it’s place.

This method therefore involves selecting all of the filters in order to provide a full list of the available engineers but to then selectively choose and un-choose each engineer(s) as applicable up to the maximum allowed amount.

Method 2: Selectively choose individual filters

The “Select All” option within the Branch, Trade and Class filters can be used to select all possible filters and present all possible engineers. This can possibly result in more engineers being available to select than the system allows. The second method is therefore to the selectively choose certain Branches, Trades and Classes from the overall available options in order to narrow down/filter the available engineer list. Similarly to the engineer list, currently checked individual filters can be unchecked by selecting the tick box next to that filter. Selectively choosing and unchoosing each filter as applicable will produce a refined list of available engineers to select based on the relevant Branches, Trades and Classes applicable to those engineers.

Method 3: Using multiple tabs on the browser

The maximum amount of engineers which can be selected per Planner view (see Engineer Selection, page 2) refers to the amount of engineers that can be selected within that view on a single internet browser page/tab.

Joblogic allows for users to open up to 5 browser tabs in order to display different pages within the system at once (via switching between tabs).

The method to open a page in a new tab may differ depending on the device Joblogic is being used on but the typical method on a Windows device to is to press and hold “ctrl” on the keyboard when selecting the area in the system which you would like to open in a new tab. Alternatively, right clicking the item in Joblogic and selecting “Open link in new tab” can also be used here.

The multiple tabs method therefore looks to utilise this function with regards to the planner by viewing it via 2-5 different tabs. If you therefore wish to view an amount of engineers at one time which exceeds the maximum amount of the view you are using, this method can be used. For example, if you are viewing your engineers schedules via the week view but you need to be able to see 20 engineers at once, the first 10 engineer schedules can be viewed via your initial Web browser tab. The remaining 10 can then be viewed by opening a second browser tab and selecting the additional 10 engineer’s schedules in that second tab.

Method 4: Combining the above 3 methods

The above 3 methods can also be used in conjunction in order to provide back office users the ability to view as many engineer’s schedules at one time as possible.

If you wish to view an amount of engineer schedules at one time which exceeds the maximum amount of the view you are using, open an additional tab in your web browser (as many tabs as are required to encompass the amount of engineers that you wish to view, 5 tabs maximum). Methods 1 and 2 of selectively choosing engineers from the available list and selectively filtering your available engineers list based on Branch, Trade and Class can then be used within each of the 5 browser tabs.

Further Support

For further information or assistance on the above, contact our Support Team on
0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Account and Project Management teams can be reached by emailing

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Last updated: 26/03/2021

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