Planned Preventative Maintenance Invoicing against Jobs
  • 30 Apr 2024
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Planned Preventative Maintenance Invoicing against Jobs

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There are two types of invoicing methods which can be used for PPM (planned preventative maintenance) contracts within Joblogic. This user guide will explain what the ‘Fixed Price’ billing type is, how it differs from the ‘Invoice’ option and detail how the ‘Fixed Price’ billing method can be applied against a contract.

The billing types

The two Types of PPM billing options within Joblogic are referred to as ‘Invoice’ and ‘Fixed Price’.
There is also a ''No Billing'' option which can be chosen if you do not wish to invoice the customer through joblogic

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The ‘Invoice’ billing type refers to invoicing against the PPM contract, scheduling the invoices at set frequencies such as monthly, weekly or annually. For example, you may have a contract to conduct maintenance at a site weekly for a year but issue your invoices to your client on a monthly basis, collectively covering the total price of the contract once the final invoice has been issued.

These invoices are referred to as ‘PPM Invoices’ within the system and automatically generate/approve and send out to the set recipient.

By comparison, the ‘Fixed Price’ option refers to invoicing against the individual visits/jobs within the contract, with each invoice being related to an associated job. For example, you may have a contract to conduct weekly maintenance at a site for a year and invoice your client each week for every maintenance job that takes place.

These invoices are referred to as ‘Standard Invoices’ within the system and work in the same manner as standard invoices against reactive jobs, requiring manual approval and sending.

The ‘Fixed Price’ billing method

In order to use the ‘Fixed Price’ billing method for your PPM contracts, select the ‘Fixed Price’ option from the ‘Billing Type’ section when adding the contract. Fill in the ‘Default Value For Visit’ field (the typical value of an individual visit for this contract)

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You will then need to confirm the Invoice Address & Header. Click the orange edit icon to amend theses details.

Here you can choose from your Customer or Site Billing options, but can also choose ‘’Other’’ if you wish to add a different address

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Once saved, any visits added to the PPM Visits schedule for the contract will automatically raise an associated invoice for that visit/job based on the details entered.

To do this, select the ‘Visits’ tab of the PPM contract.

Select the ‘Add Visit’ Button.

Fill in the Details of the visit and amend the ‘Price For Visit’ amount if applicable (this will automatically populate based on the ‘Default Value For Visit’ value previously entered).

Once saved, this PPM visit will log within your Joblogic and be assigned a unique ‘PM’ job number.

Select the job, where you will be directed to that PPM job’s details page.

Select ‘History’ > ‘Invoices’

An approved or draft invoice (as applicable) will have been automatically raised against the job (PPM jobs/visits raised with a retrospective date will be raised with an already approved invoice).

Select the invoice.

This invoice will be populated based on the details previously entered with a ‘Date Raised’ field and invoice line corresponding to the visit’s ‘Due Date’ and ‘Price For Visit’ entered. If still in draft, the invoice details can be manually amended, if required via the ‘Edit’ button and approved or shared via the ‘Approve’ and ‘Share’ buttons. To email the invoice to your client select the ‘Share’ button > ‘Email’ and fill in the email details as appropriate.

Further Support

For further information or assistance with the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing

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