Quote Deposits
  • 30 Oct 2023
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Quote Deposits

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Joblogic allows you to set up and take deposits from your customers. This can be done through a Stripe integration or manually on the quote/job.

This guide will help you with setting up your integration (Stripe only) and walk you through a couple of ways to take a deposit.

Setting up your Stripe Integration

To set up your Stripe account with joblogic, firstly navigate to Settings > Credit Card Payments

stripe 1 .png

Next, click 'Connect with Stripe’ and then accept the terms if you want to continue.

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You’ll then be transferred to a new page. Here, you can enter your Stripe email address if you already have an account.
Alternatively, enter your email and create a Stripe account as required.

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You are now connected and ready to take payments via Stripe.
You can disconnect at any time by coming back to Settings > Credit Card Payments and clicking ‘Disconnect Stripe’

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Stripe Deposits

Guide coming soon

Manual Deposits

You can also add deposits without the Stripe Integration.

To do this, add your quote as normal and then click into the Prices tab. Scroll towards the bottom to add your deposit.

Image 1.png

Here, you can choose ‘No Deposit Required’, ‘Part Deposit’ or ‘Full Deposit’.
If you choose ‘Part Deposit’, you’ll be able to enter an Amount or Percentage

Image 2.png

Image 3.png

The quote will then have a new status at the top of the page - ‘Pending Deposit’

Image 4.png

Upon Upgrading the quote, you’ll have the option to ‘Take Payment’ where you can add the details of how you received the payment from your customer.

Image 5.png

If you go through this method, the system will automatically add an invoice.

Again, if the Deposit was ‘Part Deposit’, the invoice will be marked with a Partially Paid tag at the top. You can resend this invoice out as normal when you are ready for the final payment.

Image 9.png

At the Upgrade Quote stage, you also have the option to ‘Skip & Collect Later’. This will mean the quote will still upgrade but it will keep the ‘Pending Deposit’ tag at the top of the page.

Image 5a.png

Image 6.png

To take the deposit against the job, click the Add Invoice button and then ‘Take Deposit’

Image 7.png

If you choose to not use the ‘Take Deposit’ and simply click ‘Add Invoice’, a handy message will be displayed prompting you that the deposit amount will be added back to the overall invoice amount.

Image 8.png

Further Support

For further information or assistance on the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email support@joblogic.com. Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing accountmanager@joblogic.com.

Publishing Details

This document was written and produced by Joblogic’s Technical Writing team and was last updated on the date specified above. Be aware that the information provided may be subject to change following further updates on the matter becoming available or new releases within the system. Additionally, details within the guide may vary depending on your Joblogic account’s user permissions and settings or the electronic device being used.

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