Release : 13th July 2021
  • 13 Jul 2021
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Release : 13th July 2021

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Article Summary

Release Topics

  1. Account Integration – Changes made to Xero Integration.
  2. Refcom Module – New Cylinder and Gas Types.
  3. DocX Tags – Customer Grouped Invoice.

1. Account Integration – Xero Integration Process.

  • Improvements have been made to the Xero integrations process.
    • Warning message regarding the Nominal Codes and Tax Codes has been added.
    • Details about Organisation Connected to, Base Currency and First Connected date and time has been added.
    • To read a user guide on the new Xero integration, click here.



2. Refcom Module - Gas Cylinder Types.

  • Non - Refrigerant Cylinder Type has been added with a set of Non - Refrigerant Gas Types.
  • New set of Refrigerant Types - R22, R453a, R32, has been added.
  • The mobile app has been updated with the changes made.



3. Document Templates – New Tags for Customer Grouped invoice.

  • A new set of tags have been created for Customer Grouped Invoice Document templates.
  • These tags will help add more information to the Job lines section of the Customer Grouped Invoices.
  • The New Tags are-
    • Job Reference Number - @@Item_JobReferenceNumber@@
    • Job Number - @@Item_JobNumber@@
    • Site Name - @Item_SiteName@@
    • Site Reference Number - @@Item_SiteReferenceNumber@@
  • Download the CGI Guidelines Document for more information on all available tags and instructions.



Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Improvements and Modifications

  • A “Show Same Levels Related Jobs/Quoted” checkbox has been added to the quick view pane of the job.
  • A “Display Secondary Time-zone” checkbox has been added to the settings dropdown of the Planner page.
  • Hovering over a Job Card on the planner will display the Start and End Dates and Times of the respective job.
  • The PPM Contract Import Template has been amended to facilitate adding descriptions. (Asset/Task, PPM Contract and Visit).

Bug Fixes


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