Release: 23rd October 2019
  • 05 May 2021
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Release: 23rd October 2019

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Joblogic Latest Releases

Site Billing Address

Scheduled for release on 28.10.2019. Please note that this date may be subject to change.

You will now have the ability to add a separate billing address, similarly to the customer details. This can be used on Invoice, Credit, PPM Invoice, PPM Credit. Additionally, this can be set as the invoice address for a PPM Contract.

1) ‘Site Billing Address’ set-up:

Additional Template Tags for Invoice, PPM Invoice and Purchase Order

  • Invoice

    • CustomerTaxNumber
    • Quote Number
  • PPM Invoice

    • Contract Number
    • Contract Start
    • Contract End
    • Contract Value
    • Plan Reference
    • Contract Description
  • Purchase Order

    • Job Primary Contact (Name, Email, Telephone)
    • Supplier Contact (Email, Telephone)
  • Please see the updated Document Guidelines for the relevant tags.

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes


  • Jobsheets will now have an upper limit of assets that can be printed on them, this is being done to help performance for all users.
  • On our Customer Portal, when viewing invoices against a PPM contract for a site, invoices can now be clicked on to be seen in more detail, or printed directly without needing to search for the invoice separately.
  • Customer Name is now displayed on all Quote screens.

Bug Fixes

  • We have resolved an issue in the Customer Portal that was preventing certain clients from viewing the Forms Logbook.
  • When viewing address location for US, Canada, and Australia, places will now display with a Pin-Point instead of highlighting the area (Effective areas: Site, Customer, Quote).
  • On Purchase Order exports (print, email or download), the Total Excluding VAT will now correctly apply the discount value.
  • We have fixed an issue when populating addresses from search, for some UK villages.

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