Release: 24th November 2020
  • 30 Apr 2021
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Release: 24th November 2020

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Show In Warranty; Information for Assets

  • When viewing Assets a new banner will appear to advise if it is in Warranty.

The information appears on the following screens:

  • Asset – to see that an individual Asset is in Warranty.
  • Job Assets – when selecting Assets and when editing.
  • Job – to see all Job Assets in Warranty.

Use the Map View for All Query Screens

  • A new map view has been introduced to show where query screen items appear on a map for Customers, Sites, Jobs & Quotes.
  • A new map view icon will appear on these screens to allow you to switch to map view.
  • Users can switch back to the list view at any time.
  • The map view will display a pin for every filtered result.
  • Results won’t display if an invalid address is held against the Customer/Site.

Improved Job Search in Planner

  • A new Job(s) panel has been created to replace the Unassigned Work panel.
  • This includes a new quick search feature to find jobs.
  • A list of jobs that require Allocation exists along with a list of All Jobs (based on the current filter).
  • The filter has been enhanced to include all filters available in the All Jobs screen (including Trade, Owner, Priority, etc.).
  • Users can store saved Quick Filters to easily display the data based on commonly used filters.

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with map view with filtered results have been fixed.
  • A problem has been fixed where users couldn’t click on ‘Add Engineer’ button on Plannerboard.
  • An issue when logging Related Quote has now been fixed.
  • Fix for asset undo bug when toggling refrigerant on/off.
  • We have fixed an issue where ‘Audit’ tab in Vehicle Detail screen would always show “No matching results found”.
  • We have resolved a problem with Installation & Warranty dates not updating in portal.
  • Fix for paging on Pay Bands search screen.
  • After form clone if any errors display as validation rather than toast message.
  • Fix for a problem where field engineer and reason are reset when validation already active.
  • Updated invoice description length to be truncated at 50 characters.
  • We have added validation to make and model length on-site asset.
  • Fixed issue adding duplicate costs when manually accepting and auto accept from mobile feature is set up.


  • Map view has been modified to display a maximum of 50 results.
  • Users can add address into Site / Customer map view.
  • A reference to Job detail in portal has now been added.
  • Users can add order function to import history table.
  • Users can now sort by Postcode in All Jobs list table.
  • We have added a visible “Edited” tag to customer notes that have been edited since creation. Hovering over this will
    show when and who edited this note.
  • Users can add site asset to job asset when one is created on the fly.

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