Release: 3rd November 2020
  • 30 Apr 2021
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Release: 3rd November 2020

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Article Summary

Route Optimisation

  • Previously the function to calculate a route schedule based on the job ordering that the user had selected.
  • Within this release, a new ‘Optimise’ option will appear within the Route Scheduler when creating a route.
  • Selecting this will optimise the route based on the shortest path, and calculate the route and time for you.
  • Additionally, the mobile app will have an additional “Order By” option to order based on the Scheduled Route.

Quote Template

  • It is now possible to create Quote Templates for commonly quoted items.
  • Within the Library a new Quote Templates option exists.
  • Creating a Quote Template allows you to set basic information as if you were creating a quote.
  • It also allows the recording of all prices to be included in the quote.
  • A new option will now appear when creating a quote to choose to ‘Log Quote from Template’ which will pull through all
    information and prices set within the template.
  • The user can still add any additional information/prices as necessary.

Search Assets in Job & Site Detail on Customer Portal

  • Within the customer portal, it is now possible to search for Assets when viewing a Customer or Site.
  • You can search using key information held against the asset record (ID, Customer, Site, Description, Class, Location, Number, Serial Number, Reference, Make Model.

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • The Contact Name will now display “Null” if the “LastName” field is empty (add new contact).
  • We have fixed an issue where the datepicker doesn’t show on “Create New Assets” screen.
  • An issue has been fixed with Gas Type field label & tool-tip.
  • There has been a fix for an issue with Quote Template material line updating to non-chargeable.
  • We have fixed an issue with the duplication of Part/Equipment when Logging Stock.
  • An issue has been fixed when accessing an undefined object on Edit note.
  • Edit action is now hidden when editing Asset Detail.
  • We have resolved an issue for the edit action being retained in Electronic Forms.
  • We have issued a fix for sorting Electronic Forms.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Duration of Job Visit in PPM Contract was updating incorrectly.
  • We have cut off filter status text in Customer Portal to improve the user experience.
  • Quote Template permissions have been fixed.
  • We have fixed an issue with Customer Portal Emails excluding the empty values on company address.
  • Customer Portal users can set the checkbox ‘Include Inactive’ by default.
  • Invoice status now remains as-is after editing cost line from Job.
  • We have fixed “Order By” options on Supplier.
  • On the Add/Edit Part Used and Add/Edit Part Required popup of the visit detail page, if a user types something in the part dropdown, the relevant information of the part will be removed when clicking ‘X’.
  • We have fixed permissions/display in the contacts section of a Job.
  • The PPM schedule will now be updated when a job visit is deleted.
  • We have resolved an issue in the Portal where the Fixed Area was not showing correctly on PPM Contract search screen.
  • We have issued a fix for the format date and time in the Logbook to default the to correct format.


  • We have improved the loading time on selected number of results for electronic forms.
  • Images will now be added to thumbnails automatically when adding Asset attachment.
  • We have updated grid view items of Attachments and Thumbnail in Assets to 2 columns to improve the user experience.
  • The layout alignment has been updated for the Base Charge, Trim Charge, Brand Name, and Tap Number sections for Job/Refcom logbook.
  • We have added improvements to document generator service.
  • We have added quick view for Selling Rates in Quote Template.
  • We have added Sync History collapse improvements.
  • We now allow the ability to attach files to parts/equipment when adding new parts/equipment on the fly.

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