Release: 6th October 2020
  • 30 Apr 2021
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Release: 6th October 2020

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Article summary

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • ServiceType duration will now show correctly on the search screen.
  • We have resolved an issue in Contacts where telephone numbers were not saving correctly.
  • When selecting a service type, the asset class is not auto-populated correctly from the selected service type.
  • We have fixed an issue where tooltip was not displaying on Payment Status for Job Invoice search.
  • There has been a fix for the table used to display the assets in Related Assets.
  • The ellipsis button (3 Vertical Dots) will be hidden when there are no options available in Document Templates.
  • An issue has been resolved in Live Tracking where large numbers of engineers can sometimes cause issues calculating distances.
  • We have optimised Reports and Dashboards when using Safari on an iPad.
  • When exporting as CSV from the Non-Productive Time search screen, non-deductible records will now show the correct start and end time, as opposed to always showing “Start of Day” and “End of Day”.
  • We have allowed auto search on Nominal Code search to match other search screens.
  • When viewing PPM Contracts in Portal, we will now only show the Start and End Date, instead of adding a redundant time (12AM or 23:59) on the end.
  • We have fixed an issue when adding Nominal Code on-the-fly where the pre-populated value would always be truncated down to 8 characters if more were entered.
  • We have resolved an issue where a user could Import Costs which were already added onto a Customer Grouped invoice into a standard invoice.
  • We have resolved an error when saving a contractor name with more than 255 characters.
  • For the Tax Rate in Invoices, adding on the fly should now only populate the new description when it doesn’t match any existing rate descriptions.
  • There has been a fix for Credit Invoice document showing the wrong title when downloaded.
  • Customer grouped credits fix for the name of the file when downloaded.
  • In the Contacts tab of the Site or Customer detail page, the contact is now shown in the list immediately after it’s added without needing to refresh the page.

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