Release: 7th August 2019
  • 06 May 2021
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Release: 7th August 2019

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Article Summary

Joblogic Web Updates

Scheduled for release on 13.08.2019. Please note that this date may be subject to change.

Ability to Hide System Templates

Recently, we added a number of new default document templates available for job sheets, invoices, quotes and more. We have now added a way for you to hide any templates that you do not wish to see. To do so, click the ‘Hide Icon’ next to the template you wish to hide within the document template library screen.

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes


  • Two additional fields have been added into the Asset Detail screen – ‘Estimated Replacement Date’ and ‘Budget Replacement Cost’.
  • The Dynamic Dashboard Designer has been optimised to help improve overall responsiveness.
  • Some additional tags have been made available for custom ‘Job sheet’ document templates:
    • Labour Total Duration = @@LabourTotalCostedDuration@@
    • Overtime Total Duration = @@OvertimeTotalCostedDuration@@
    • Travel Total Duration = @@TravelTotalCostedDuration@@
    • Mileage Total Amount = @@MileageTotalCostedAmount@@
    • Expenses Total Exc Vat = @@ExpensesTotalCostedAmountExcVat@@
    • Expenses Total Inc Vat = @@ExpensesTotalCostedAmountIncVat@@
    • Callout Total Exc Vat = @@CalloutTotalCostedAmountExcVat@@
    • Callout Total Inc Vat = @@CalloutTotalCostedAmountIncVat@@
  • A notification has been added when pressing ‘Download All’ within the ‘Forms Logbook’ section
    ( This will warn you that the process may take a long time.
  • We will now display the actual ‘Job Completion Date’ against visits in the ‘PPM Contract Detail’ screen.
  • Address field placeholder text has been improved to help suggest the ideal information which may be entered.
  • When viewing a ‘Customer Grouped Invoice’ via the ‘Customer Portal’ link page, the job numbers will now be clickable via hyperlinks to navigate to the ‘Job Detail’ page.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘Purchase Orders’ now correctly display the invoice status as ‘Outstanding’ as opposed to ‘In Query’.
  • All dates and times display within the ‘Engineer Live Tracking’ ( screen will now correctly use your configured date, time, and 12H/24H format.
  • An issue has been fixed regarding newly added ‘Purchase Order’ equipment lines. They will now not open the ‘Part’ pop-up window.
  • An issue has been fixed when adding a new ad-hoc tax rate. It previously did not automatically set to the new value.
  • We have fixed an issue regarding assets and PPM Contracts. Previously, when editing an asset against a PPM Contract, it would automatically set the ‘Action Required Notes’ value to that of the ‘Service Type’, instead of the manually entered value. This has now been resolved.
  • An issue when ordering jobs by ‘Priority Response Time’ in the ‘Create Customer Grouped Invoice’ screen has been resolved.
  • We have fixed an issue whereby the last item in the list of jobs to schedule within the ‘Planner’ would be partially hidden on certain screen sizes.
  • An issue where sub-tasks were not saved in the order they were added has also been resolved.

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