Release : Week Commencing 7th March 2022
  • 04 Mar 2022
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Release : Week Commencing 7th March 2022

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Release Topics

  1. Batch Move Engineer Visits

Release Details

  1. Batch Move Engineer Details

batch move 1.PNG

This release includes the much anticipated Batch Move Engineer Visits feature which provides a method of moving Job Visits between Engineers in bulk via the Planner screen.
Visits may be moved from one Engineer (Source Engineer) to one or more other Engineers (Target Engineers).
batch move source engineer.PNG

batch move target engineer.PNG

The new Batch Move screen provides useful filters to allow the user to refine the Source Engineer's Visit list by Customer, Site, Job Trade, Job Status etc.

batch move filters.PNG

There is a new User Permission associated with the Batch Move function allowing this function to be granted or denied on a per user basis.

Improvements and Bug Fixes.


Pay Bands

Clearer instructions have been added to the Pay Bands Sections in the system. In the Library screen it is now made clear that “These pay band rates apply to all engineers. Individual engineer pay band rates can be amended via the engineer’s ‘Engineer Detail’ page under Settings > Staff.
For the Specific Engineer there is a new message stating “For this engineer, the appropriate rate will be calculated in accordance with the selected pay band. Please note that any pay band other than “Basic” (cells are left blank) will be treated as “Overtime””

Colour Picker

When selecting a colour in the system, such as for a Job Priority, an improved Colour Picker has been added.

Colour Picker 1.PNGColour Picker 2.PNG

Bug Fixes

  • An issue has been resolved where deleted Contact details were still being displayed in the Contact list on the new Job Log screen.

  • An issue with the Wildcard search of the outbound e-mails on the History tab of Purchase Orders has been resolved.

  • An error when cloning PPM Jobs with a large number of associated assets has been rectified.

  • An issue where the system was displaying incorrect information in the Rounding Option field in System Settings has been rectified.

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