Service Jobs
  • 17 May 2024
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Service Jobs

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The service jobs feature focuses on residential customers, allowing you to establish services according to asset compliance.

You will be able to select service frequencies (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) and customize reminder letter templates.

Once configured, services can be applied to customers and sites, generating service jobs and reminders based on set frequencies and target dates.

This guide will walk you through all of this and help you to set up services, while making sure you remain compliant along the way.

Enable / Disable Service Job Setting

You will firstly need to Enable the Service Jobs feature by going to Settings > System Setup. You will then need to click edit and scroll to the bottom of the page to tick Enable Service Jobs.

Image 39.png

If you choose to untick and disable this with some active services ongoing, you will receive the following warning message:

Warning: Service Jobs are currently active on the sites, and there are ongoing active service jobs.
To deactivate this feature, it is necessary to suspend all site services and finish the active service jobs

Image 42.png

If you do decide to disable this setting after using it, the following will be hidden:

  • Service Job in Settings > Library
  • Service Job Library in Customer > Configuration
  • Service Job tab in Site details
  • Service Job Letter menu item under Jobs
  • Service Job Letter option in Jobs > Info tab
  • Service Letter tab in Settings > Document Templates
  • Service Letter tab in Settings > Email
  • Appointment option in Engineers > Planner > filters

However the following will remain for your reference:

  • Service Job data already completed
  • The Service Job and Escalated Service Job filter on the All Jobs page

Setting up a Service

To set up your services, navigate to Settings > Library > Service Jobs.

Image 1.png

From here, you can click on Create Service Job.

Image 2.png

Enter your Service Name, Recurrence Frequency and Job Type.

You can also choose to tick the ‘Exclude Weekends’ if you wish for the service jobs to only include weekdays.

Image 3.png

If you choose ‘Other’ under the Recurrence Frequency, you’ll get the option to choose your own frequency, in weeks, months or years.

Image 3a.png

Click Save - Now your new service will show in the list and is ready to set up against your customer.

Image 4.png

Allocating a service to a Customer

To allocate a service to your customer, navigate to Customers > All Customers > choose your customer > Configuration tab.

Image 5.png

Next, scroll down to the Service Job Library section and click Add Service.

Image 6.png

You will only be able to select services that already exist in your library.

Then you can setup the Visit Reminder Letter, by entering the First Reminder and Appointment Gap, in weeks or days as required.

Image 27.png

First Reminder: When you would like to send the first reminder letter, in preparation for a visit, before the compliance expiry date.

Appointment Gap: How long after the initial letter do you want the visit to take place.

Keep in mind to leave enough time in case of No Access visits / further reminder letters too.

Visit Move Tolerance: This allows you to set a limit for moving Service Job visits. If you do need to move a visit, this setting will only allow you to move the visit up to the number of days/weeks you have selected.

Reminder Letter Templates: You may choose service letters if you have set up custom templates, however you can leave these blank and the system will automatically use the system default found in Settings > Document Templates > Service Letter

Mark Escalation From: This is where you can set a point of escalation based on your reminder letters. Once a visit is marked as an escalation, it moves to the Escalations tab within the Jobs > Service Job Letters page. All corresponding documents (an escalation letter, job sheet, reminder letters and no access forms) are available to download or email as a zipped folder, as evidence to your customer, for contractual completion. Your job will then be marked as Completed, automatically.

You can add more than one service against a customer if required.

Allocating a service to a Site

The next step is to set up the Service jobs against your site.

So, to do this, go to Sites > All Sites > choose your site > Service Job > Add Service.

Image 9.png

You will only be able to select services that have already been set up against the customer.

Choose the Service and then enter the Last Service Job Completed Date and a Customer Order Number if you wish.

You can then select your assets, for this service, from your site asset list.

Image 10.png

Click Save and now you can see your site service job details.

Image 11.png

If you wish to edit the service, click the pencil icon on the right – you can make changes to the Last Service Job Completed Date and the Order Number.

Image 12.png

If you want to delete a service, click the icon and then confirm you are happy with the action.

Image 13.png

Suspending A Service

To suspend a service, go to Sites > All Sites > choose your site > Service Job tab

Any service that you have set up can be suspended by clicking the Suspend button

Image 28.png

You will then need to confirm the suspension, and that you are happy for the current service job to be cancelled

Image 29.png

If you wish to reactivate the service, click the Activate button.

Image 30.png

You will be asked to confirm the Last Service Job Completed Date and enter your Customer Order Number and Assets as required.

Image 31.png

If you choose to delete the Site Service, the job will remain on the system, but will be marked as Cancelled for your reference.

Image 32.png

Service Job Visits

When you create a Service Job under your site, the system will automatically generate a visit under ‘’Appointment’’, which is yet to be allocated.

See the bottom of this guide for a full example.

You can view this, by either clicking the job number from the Site > Service Job.

Or you can click into Jobs > All Jobs to search for jobs manually, as normal.

Image 14.png

Once you are in the Job Details screen, click the Visits tab to view the Visit with the unallocated appointment booked in.

Image 16.png

This will also show under the ‘’Appointment’’ column via the Planner.

If you click Engineers > View Planner, you can then click the Filters option to choose ‘’appointment’’ to display, as you would with any other engineer. This will then show all visits that are yet to be allocated to an engineer.

Image 17.png

Image 17a.png

These visits are provisional and cannot be deployed at this stage as they are not yet assigned to an engineer.

When you are ready or when the appointment has been confirmed, you can assign and deploy to an engineer as normal. Click here to read more.

If you do try to assign or move a job past it's Target Completion Date, a prompt will pop up to warn you


Service Job Letters

To send out your letters, firstly navigate to Jobs > Service Job Letters.

This screen will display all services you have set up, with tabs for outstanding letters, Emailed letters, Printed Letters and Escalations.

The outstanding tab will show letters that have reached or passed their scheduled date and have not been emailed or printed yet.

Image 18.png

You can also use the options at the top of the page to filter your results as needed, i.e. by Letter Stage, Scheduled Date or Compliance Status.

The Compliance status has two options - ‘’Compliant Site(s)’’ and ‘’Non-Compliant Site(s)’’

Compliant Sites will list all sites with a completed service job and an active site service

The Non-Compliant Sites option will list all sites with a suspended site service job.

Image 33.png

Batch Email & Print

You can Batch Email or Batch Print by clicking the relevant option in the top right.

Filter your letters as required, or choose the outstanding tab, and then click the preferred batch option.

Image 19.png

Batch Print:

Image 20.png

Batch Email:

In order to batch email, the site associated with the service will need to have a valid primary contact with an email address.

You will be prompted if any sites do not have a valid email address. You can either click into the site to add the contact email, or Proceed Anyway to continue with the rest of the letters in the meantime.

Image 21.png

You may edit the email contents here if required, and then click Next.

The system will default to the Service Letter Template you have set up against your customer (Customer > Base Configuration > Service section)
If nothing has been specified against the customer, Joblogic will default to the System Settings (Settings > Document Templates > Service Letters)

The system will send the letters and notify you once complete.

Image 22.png

You can also view / send the service letters per job via Jobs > All Jobs > click job number > Info > Service Job Letters.

Image 23.png

This screen provides all of the details of the service and letters, but also allows you to Print / Email the letter again / individually if needed.

Image 24.png

If you send the letter after the Scheduled Date, you will see a red icon next to the Sent Date to indicate the letter was later than scheduled.

Image 24a.png

The Sent Date will indicate the first action only. For example, if the letter is emailed on the 1st August, and then printed on the 3rd August, the Sent Date will always state 1st August.

No Access

If your engineer goes out to site and is unable to access the property, they can mark the visit as ‘’No Access’’ on the mobile app.

Individual visit screen - No Access button:
Image 1.png

All Visits list - three dots:
Image 2.png

This will then trigger a 2nd reminder letter to be scheduled with the current date, ready to be emailed/printed again

The system will then auto generate a second service job visit on the basis of no access, which you can again allocate and deploy to an engineer when required.

image 26a.png

You can also enable a ‘No Access’ form to be completed, if you require.

This can be set up via Settings > System Set up > tick ‘Enable No Access Form’


Once this has been enabled, you’ll be able to see a No Access form section within the Settings > System Set up > Forms tab and via Job > Job Forms

Service Job Phase 4 _02.png

Now, if you were to click No Access on the mobile app, the form will pop up, pulling your reason through automatically.

Image 7.png

The form will be available in the back office via Forms Logbook on the menu, or via Info > Forms Logbook within the job, as normal.

Each job can have up to 3 letters against it. If there is still no access after this process, you can hand this back to your client as your side of the compliance is fulfilled.


Depending on when you have set your escalation point (letter stage), jobs will automatically move into the Escalation tab on the Jobs > Service Job Letters page

Image 34.png

You can then send your evidence of attempts to your client for contractual completion on your side. To do this, click the three dots against the job to Print or Email the folder containing the following documentation: The Escalation Letter, all Reminder Letters, the Jobsheet and all No Access forms.

Image 35.png

You can also view and send your escalation packs from within the job itself via Jobs > All Jobs > select job > Info tab > Service Job Letters

Here you can either click the ‘Escalation Pack’ link to download the files, or Print/Email the full list of documents as per the above.

Image 38.png

As soon as a job moves to the Escalation point, the site service will be marked as suspended automatically.

Image 36.png

You can search for Escalated Service Jobs via the Jobs > All Jobs page too, using the tick box under the Show Advanced filter list

Image 37.png

Service Job Letters Dashboard

There is a dashboard to view important Service Letter information via Dashboards > Service Job Letters

Image 40.png

The following charts have been set up:

  • Gas Compliance
  • Contractual Gas Compliance
  • Invalid LGSR Sites
  • Access Ratio
  • Service Jobs Due

Clicking the ? Icon next to each title will provide you with a short summary of what each section is portraying:

  • Gas Compliance – List of LGSR compliant sites against the clients’ full list of gas service properties
  • Contractual Gas Compliance – List of LGSR non-compliant sites against which the letter process was completed through client return
  • Invalid LGSR Sites – Shows the number of properties with invalid LGSR in the service program
  • Access Ratio – Shows the success ration of the access process for all three letters
  • Service Jobs Due – Shows the number of service jobs due in next days (Today, 7, 15 or 30), based off the Visit Start Date.

Image 41.png

Hover over any section to see percentages totals.


Setting up letters and email templates

There are system defaults in place for the reminder and escalation letters as well as the email templates, however if you do wish to edit or create your own feel free to do so.

To edit or create your own letters, click Settings > Document Templates
You can then click on ‘Service Letter’ or ‘Escalated Service Letter’ as needed.

Image 25.png

If for any reason a new template is created, assigned to a service, and then deleted, the system will automatically revert to the default template. This means your services will always have a template against them and your customers will not miss out on vital reminders.

If you require further assistance with document templates, click here to read our guide.

To set up or amend the email template, click through to Settings > Email, here you can edit your Service Letter or Service Letter Escalations templates.

Image 26.png


I have set up my Service – Recurrence frequencyAnnually
I have set up my Customer – First Reminder6 weeks
I have set up my Customer – Appointment Date Gap1 weeks
I have set up my Site - Last Service Job Completed Date03/10/2022


My letter is scheduled for – 22/08/2023 (6 weeks before expiry on 03/10/2023)
My provisional appointment – 29/08/2023 (1 week after letter as per appointment gap)

Keep in mind to leave enough time in case of No Access visits / further reminder letters too.

Further Support

For further information or assistance with the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Customer Success Management team can be reached by emailing

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