Setting General Electronic Form Frequencies
  • 23 Jun 2023
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Setting General Electronic Form Frequencies

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Joblogic provides general electronic forms (generic forms completed via the mobile application that are neither based on the visit or an asset) such as a vehicle checklist or a Covid-19 Engineer Daily Form. These forms can be set at different presentation frequencies, controlling the rate at which the form automatically appears on the engineer's mobile device for them to complete. This user guide details how these frequencies can be set against individual general electronic forms.

Setting a General Electronic Form’s Presentation Frequency

In order to set the frequency for a general electronic form’s presentation, navigate to the electronic forms area under ‘Settings’ > ‘Electronic Forms’.

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Using the search tool, locate the general form which the frequency needs to be set for. For example, the Vehicle Checklist.

General forms can not be activated or deployed via the back office. If there is a general form which you require to be activated or deployed, contact our support team (0800 326 5561, and our technical representatives will conduct this for you.

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Navigate to the ‘Frequency’ column and enter the frequency at which the form is required to automatically present. The frequency value entered represents the number of days passed before the form is presented again. For example, to set the form so that it appears on the engineer’s device once every week, set the frequency at 7. For it to appear once every day, set the frequency at 1. To not present the form at all, set the frequency at 0.

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After entering the value within the frequency field, click anywhere on the page and a confirmation message will appear.

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The general form frequency will now be amended as per the value set.

It is important to be aware that general mobile forms are presented to the engineer during the first travel entry made since the frequency was set or the last version of the form was completed. If for example, it is required that a weekly form be presented to an engineer before their first visit every Monday morning, the frequency would need to be set in the back office following the engineer’s last travel entry before the Monday and prior to the engineer's first travel entry the Monday morning. The engineer would also need to ensure that the form is completed that day/before their first visit. If it were to be completed the next day (the Tuesday), for example, the next form would then be presented during the first travel entry, 7 days from then (the following Tuesday).

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Further Support

For further information or assistance on the above, contact our Support Team on 0800 326 5561 or email Alternatively, our Account and Project Management teams can be reached by emailing or respectively.

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